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I was born in 1983 in Krnov, a city in the Czech Republic. After finishing IT college in Pardubice I moved to Brno, where I worked for IBM for two years. Then I decided to leave office work behind me and travel instead. In this way I have had the opportunity to discover many beautiful places and meet wonderful people.

To date I have lived in Mallorca, Andalusia and Catalunya in Spain; on the island of Corfu in Greece; in Great Britain; the French Alps and Cote d’Azur. During that time I also made many short trips to other places, mostly in Europe. Currently I live and work near the little famous village called Saint Tropez in France.

I started photography as soon as I was able to hold my first camera. It was an Exa 1a and I was seven. Right now I use a Nikon D7200. For my frequent travels I use just three lenses, an 10-20 mm, 18-200 mm and 50 mm. My photos have been published in the Diario de Mallorca and in Live in Spain Magazine, and they can be viewed on the photo site

My other big hobby is Aikido, which I  started with in 1998. I have a first degree black belt. In the summer I spend my free time on a mountain bike and in the winter I ski whenever I get a chance.

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